Why the Flexibility Envelope?

I think it is appropriate to devote an early post to what I named my blog after.

I got it from the Flight Envelope, which is a term used in aircraft development to illustrate how the aircraft can be flown with respect to air speed and altitude.

I use it to devide the world into two parts, outside and inside the envelope.

Outside the envelope:
This is the old world we live in today. Here the old rules apply, the ones that we are used to, where one object performes a limited number of tasks, and is made upp of a number of components that do one, or a small number of tasks.

Inside the envelope:
This is the new world, where everything is made up of units, and different rules apply.

Today the envelope is quite small, but it does exist! There are things that could produce useful work, if they were productified.

The units making up the world inside the flexibility envelope can rearrange themselves on command to anything your imagination can create with currently available units. Like a box of lego pieces, they are just waiting for your creativity to assemble or or combine them into amazing things. For me, a solution is outside the envelope if you need to modify the units physically or rewrite a major control system software.

If the rules outside the envelope are well known and relatively easy to understand, the rules inside are
very different indeed. In fact, the rules are so strange and new that they will be hard to understand and work with. And they will have profound consequences for our world.

As exploring the inside of the envelope and how we can expand it, as well as to contrast the inside and outside, old world and new world, is what I intend to do with my blog, I thought it was appropriate to call it FlexibilityEnvelope.com.

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