Victor Kuo talks about how he is working on solving the cross talk problem when using radio communication between modules in SRCMR in the eighth episode of the Flexible Elements podacst!

Victo Kuo

Victo Kuo

In this episode we hear Victor Kuo talk about how he has developed
radio communication that can handle many transmitters sending at the
same time, which was a major obstacle to using radios for module to
module communication. This will be a very powerful tool as it can
handle the communication in all distances from global communication,
to near distance and ultra near distance and also could be used to
communicate when the modules are connected.

Victor Kuo is currently a PhD student in robotics from the Australian
Centre of Field Robotics, University of Sydney and is a student member
of the IEEE. He received a B.E (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering and
B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Sydney, Australia. His
research interests include cellular and modular robotics, distributed
robotics and wireless communication architectures.

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Show Notes:
– Victor Kuo
– Robert Fitch
– Towards A Parallel Wireless Radio Communication Architecture for
Modular Robots
Victor Kuo and Robert Fitch
– Search for A Parallel Wireless Radio Communication Architecture for
Modular Robots by
Victor Kuo and Robert Fitch in Modular Robots: State of the Art at

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