Unboxing video of the Cubelets from Modular Robotics

I am so excited to post the unboxing video for the Cubelets
from Modular Robotics, so let’s dive straight into it!

Links and notes:
Modular Robotics, www.modrobotics.com
The FlexibilityEnvelope, www.flexibilityenvelope.com
Also check out the official Getting started guide it is great!
For more batteries and chargers go to
Amazon.com if you are in the US. I will try to find
a supplier for other locations.

The Cubelets kit contains:
– 6 Action Blocks that are clear. They are: 2 Drive blocks,
and one each of Rotate, Speaker, Flashlight and
Bar Graph.
– 5 Sense Blocks that are black. They are: 2 Distance
and one each of Knob, Brightness and Temperature.
– 4 Think Blocks: 2 red Inverse blocks, 1 light brown Minimum block
and 1 dark brown Maximum block.
– 5 Utility Blocks, 1 grey Battery block,
2 light green Passive blocks and 2 dark green
Blocker blocks.

In the video I made some mistakes, if you find more please tell me…
– I call the Brightness block a Distance block.
– The Speaker Cubelet doesn’t change volume, it changes beep frequency
– The Cubelets are not an inch in cube, they are 45 mm in cube
– The size of the batteries is not the only reason for not using
AA or AAA batteries there are also electrical reasons, as the
batteries used are 3.2 volts.

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