Today, an investment of $3 million in Modular Robotics LLC was announced by Brad Feld of The Foundry Group and Bullet Time Ventures

The Cubelets

The Cubelets

I think that it is great that venture capitalists are appearing more in the robotics field and even more cool that they dare to venture into modular robotics where the direct application is hard to see.

It is, I would say, rather hard to explain what can be done with a (self-reconfiguring) modular robotics system, as it can assemble and be programmed into an endless variety of solutions. Much like another device we have come to be quite familiar with :-).

Like Brad, “I’m completely fascinated” by (self-reconfiguring) modular robotics, and the way he describes modular robotics as “software wrapped in plastic” is just what I think it is.

One could also say that self-reconfiguring modular robotics is a body for the computer.

I think that (self-reconfiguring) modular robotics is destined for big things and it is great that VC start to help!

There are also other companies in the modular robotics field that are interesting and definitely worth a look! I would especially like to mention two: Barobo and Robosynthesis

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Thanks John via CNN

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