The Flexibility Envelopes Spectacular Cubelets Competition

Update: We have the first Winner

So yoyu think the Cubelets from Modular Robotics
looks coool and you would like to play?

But you diden’t get one of the 250 prototype kits,
and now they are out of stock 🙁

That is where the flexibility Envelope comes to
the rescue!

You can win free tinkering time in the:

Spectacular Cubelets Competition

The rules are simple:

What you have to do?
1. Write a guest post for this blog that I like and publish on the
topic Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robotics.
You can write as many as you would like, between 500 and 1500 words on
a technical aspect or maybe something on the social, ecological or
economical impact. It’s basically “anything goes”, If you would like
to, you can send me a short draft to check with me before you write
the final thing.
2. Come up with something really cool that you would like to build,
write a description of it and why you think it is cool!

Mail this to

The best thing is that you can do this whenever you want to. The price
structure is such that in 4 weeks I will announce an order of the
post/suggestions that I like and they will be first,second, third etc
and then I will add the post/suggestion I like the most every 4*
weeks, so it is never to late to participate!

Then I will send the units to you absolutely free for one month, and
you can tinker to your hearts content, I will also try to help you get
the most out of the kit with any support you need, and if you make any
cool things I would love to publish posts or videos on the

I am so excited to finally have this great example on the power of
Modular Robotics in my hands and it feels great to be able to make it
available to everyone in this way. So keep the suggestions coming and
let’s make awesome stuff together!

Check out the posts by the first winner:
Check out Stepans first post Cubelets and Inquiry Based Learning by Stepan Pruchnicky, The first FE Contest Winner Post
Check out Stepans second post: Students love the Cubelets


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