The Cubelets from Modular Robotics have arrived at the Flexibility Envelope

Lots of coolness will follow!

I am so excited to have the Cubelets in my hands and I plan to do a
number of posts about them.

Starting with the compulsory unboxing, I will do a video and a post
with pictures and information about the 15 different types that are
included in this first standard kit.

Then I will post on a few basic setups to test things out. From there
on I will build what I, or you my dear readers, think is cool and post
on that! If you have any questions or suggestions just post them in
the comments. (If you think I am a tease don’t worry, you can get
your hands on a the Cubelets too, just keep reading.)

Thinking of the bigger picture for a while I believe that it is more
significant than might be obvious at the first glance that we now have
the first commercially available modular robotic system. Just stop and
consider for a moment that today is the day that modular robotics
takes the step from a dream held by many people, myself included, to
reality. A reality where it is possible to create awesome, interactive
systems, automatons and robots by combining basic building blocks.
The Cubelets efficiently hides or black boxes so much of the
complexity of assembling things, that from this day on it is going to
be so much easier to build things that it can only be described as a
paradigm shift. I am sure anybody who dabbled in hardware would
agree!. It does this by establishing rules and setting standards,
which are going to be a big part of the success of (SRC)Modular
Robotics in the future too.

This will soon make it clear to all what awesome power lies in the
(SRC)Modular Robotics concept. It will also illustrate the enormous
difference between a modular robotic system and the old way of
doing things. In old school products everything is custom made
and that is very expensive. A modular robotics solution to a
problem is made up of many basic identical units put together in
a particular way, the same units can be assembled into an endless
variety of solutions for different problems. This allows both infinite
variability for the customer, in for instance appearance and size,
in the end product and yet it uses massive standardization in the
building blocks, for easy production etc.

So, do you think this sounds cool and you would like to try the
Cubelets out? Right now you out of luck, the first and second
production run for a total of 250 kits are all sold out. But here
the FlexibilityEnvelope comes to the rescue! You can win
tinkering time in our Spectacular Cubelets Competition, more
information will follow.

So stay tuned for more awesome Cubelets stuff

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