The Cubelets are on their way to the Flexibility Envelope

The impressive Cubelets from Modular Robotics are on their way to
the Flexibility Envelope! and I am so excited!

The Cubelets from Modular Robotics

I think that the Cubelets are so amazing, and an excellent

example of the enormous strength of a modular robotic system. In the
video below you see how a robot is built in just a few seconds.
A bug is detected, it tips over because the motor is too powerful.
This is easily fixed by adding another motor unit, making it more stable.

Later in the video, the robot is expanded so that you can control it with
hand gestures. This would be amazing if it took weeks or months to
develop, but to do it in seconds or minutes is nothing short of a paradigm

And considering what can be built with simple Lego pieces, including
anything from a robot that can solve Rubik’s cube in 4 seconds, to your very
own car manufacturing plant (links). I am so curious to see what can be
built with these much more capable Cubelets.

I think it is great that Modular Robotics are developing this as a toy for 5 year
olds, but I think that many slightly older robotics fans will enjoy them just as
much, I know I will!

If you haven’t ordered one of the prototype kits yet, you can actually get your
hands on a set anyway, and totally free on top of that!

I will run a competition for tinkering time. Just write a guest post
about (self reconfiguring) modular robots, or a suggestion for something
you would like to build with the Cubelets. The best ones will win
tinkering time where we send you a kit for for free!

The judging is based on what I like and what the readers say in the comments!
(I know it is totally subjective, but I will be generous in awarding prices!)

More details on the competition will come so stay tuned!

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