Snake Locomotion Video

This is a interesting video by Howie Choset that shows a number of different gaits of modular snake robots.

It really shows how incredibly capable and different SRCMR solutions are going to be.

The video beautifully illustrates that solutions developed with SRCMR will be able to do many things, that old school products would struggle to do, even if they were specifically designed and developed to do only one of them.

This is a snake solution, but I am certain you could do much the same thing with waves in surfaces that could transport any type payload in any terrain.

Also, the gaits shown in this video are only the ones that are possible within the continuous, non-self-reconfiguring snake-style solution. A self-reconfiguring solution could transform itself into many more gaits.

The possibilities of SRCMR will not be limited to different gaits and moving around in totally new ways. It will also provide novel solutions to many other groups of problems. Each one giving just as many new possibilities as getting what we need, where we need it in a totally new way does.

If you are interested in more videos and information you can view it here

If you are interested in learning more about the topic you can read this

It even works in thin air! This short snake turns in the air like a cat.

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