Site Review:Self-Reconfigurable Robots by Sam Slee

Self-Reconfigurable Robots by Sam Slee is an incredible resource. It contains an incredible number of links to what must be every major paper, research institution and researcher in the field of SRCMR. It is simply amazing.

When reading it, I had a thrilling moment when I found my own blog listed! That was so cool since I started it in Sep-08 and have not written very much yet. If he is that updated, he will certainly know about everything!

Before publishing this post I wrote to him and now the entry is updated! Now he knows who I am:-)

I think the two repositories I know of , Sam Slee, and Neil Desmond, really cover everything you need to know about this area.

I hope to complement these excellent repositories with a combination of short news items and tidbits I find when I explore SRCMR  and editorial content in essay form, my own and others. I will  focus the news items  relevant to the area, like new papers, videos, conferences of interest and the people attending. So if You have any news, or writing you would like to share, just use my name  per and the domain of the blog and I will be happy to work with you.

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