Running the Mobot remotely

Recently I did something really cool!

A screen capture of me runing the Mobot over G+

I operated Barbo INC’s Mobot remotely over the Internet!
The prototype UI was simple but it worked great.

I have always thought that beeing able to operate modular robots
remotely would be a great thing (especially the Self reconfiguring kind
you know I like). This will reduce the barrier to developing solutions
with modular robotics even further. If you could debug what you
developed remotely, then you could developed SRCMR solutions with
just a basic computer.

The Mobot modules are just $270 a piece and that is a fantastic price,
and a big step towards making modular robotics available to more people.

If you add remote access to that where you only pay a small fraction
of that, I think we eventaly could get down to cents per modul/hour,
that is a game changer indeed!

I also think that remotcontrol of (Self-Reconfiguring) Modular Robots
will be use full in it’s own right, som much of the computer power we
use thesa days are in the cloud that I think it will be the same way
for SRCMR. Many new cool things will be posible with remote control
of SRCMR, just think how cool a (semi) IRL version of Mindcraft or
WOW could be!

I hope this will be publicly available soon and that we can control
many modules I will definitely stay on top of this story and I would
like to thank Graham for letting me be the first one to do this test

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