Rooms and living spaces in a SRCMR world

One really amazing thing that SRCMR can
do is to totally transform our houses and apartments.
It will do so in two deceivingly simple ways.
First, it allows you to move and change your
inner walls and floor surfaces etc at will*

Secondly, it can create and change all your major furniture
pieces like tables, chairs, sofas and beds etc.

So what you say, how will this change much?
Or why would I want to move my walls around?

Well it is actually a bigger change than you might think.
It will change what you look for when you buy your home.
The fact that you can change the space and adapt it to
different uses, means you only need to buy the amount
of space you need simultaneously.

You can then use all of the space for different purposes at
different times.

So let’s look at how this might play out in a real world scenario:

Say you want to have some friends over for a party. First, you
need a big kitchen to prepare the food so you turn nearly
all of the space in to one large kitchen. When you are finished
there, you need a bath so some of your space is turned in to
that. When your guests start to arrive, you need one big
open space to mingle in and three small restrooms to avoid ques.
For the sit down dinner you need a big table and many chairs,
and when that is done a dance floor and a lounge area with
sofas and chairs would be created. When the party is over, 4 of your
friends would like to spend the night, because you are going shopping
together tomorrow the space is turned into 5 small bedrooms.

The flexibility of a SRCMR apartment can do all that. (And much more!)

The best thing is, that since you only need to buy 20-40 square metres,
you can afford to buy an apartment in that nice area you always wanted
to but could not afford!

How is that for a wow factor!

The value of flexibility in your apartment is shown nicely by Gary
, and although he is using old school technology he gets an amazing
amount of features into his small apartment.

* To begin with I do not include the
supporting or outer walls. It will do that
some day too, but it will start with the
simpler inner walls that divide your
home up into bedrooms, living rooms
etc. Even that relatively simple start will bring
tremendous change!

Thanks Christina and MÃ¥rten for reviewing this post,
all remaining errors are my own!

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