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Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robotics on Wikipedia

Good single page overview especially the chronology is nice. I also like the grand challenges, anybody  up for building a thousand units over the weekend? :- It is allso a great way to keep upp with what is happening as it is edited resonably often.

The YouTube acount for

I started a YouTube Channel where I collect all Videos I find that are relevant

Self Reconfigurable Modular Technology

An excellent site with a tremendous amount of links to everything you would need to get started in the field! It includes all facets of the field including patents, links, papers in PDF format and articles. I would estimate it to be no less then 50 and maybe as much as 150 different ones. The only little thing it lacks is maybe a short summary of what the different links leeds to. But all in all, probably the best resource out there.

It will keep you reading for quite some time and the things I have read so far have been great.

Self-Reconfigurable Robots by Sam Slee

This is an incredible resource. It contains an incredible number of links to what must be every major paper, research institution and researcher in the field of SRCMR. It is simply amazing.

Self Reconfiguring Modular Robots on Scientific Commons

Searching Scientific Commons is a great way to find papers, new and old, on any topic. When I searched for Self Reconfiguring Modular Robotics recently I got 323 hits! It is truly an amazing resource.

Scientific Commons Home

Utility Fog on Wikipedia

Some nice information on the origin on of the concept utility fog, especially the literature references and good.