Cubelets used in the real world, and the awesomeness of modular robotics

If you think that modular robotics is cool, but that it will not be available or usable for a very long time, think again. It is actually both available and used right now!

I have used modular robots in real life and so have Modular robotics, the company that makes the Cubelets.

They just published […]

List of requirements for the connector used in Self-reconfiguring modular robotics, SRCMR

Last edit (19 Mar 2012):

Added Requirement 49. Totally quiet

The connector is one of the biggest challenges in SRCMR, so I have compiled a list of all requirements that I think are in any way relevant when designing a SRCMR connector.

I do not say that we need, or should even try, to satisfy […]

Interesting progress in automated building by truss manipulation

I found this interesting video that shows the strength of the two-type heterogeneous modular robotic system. The two-type (or N-type) of modules system is a type of SRCMR system that I really like. It consists of two (or more) categories of units. One type is complex and contains sensors, computation and actuation, and the other […]

Andreas Lyder talk about his work in SRCMR Specifically the Odin and Thor systems in the ninth episode of the Flexible Elements podcast.”

Andreas Lyder

In this episode we hear Andreas Lyder talk about his work in Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robotics. Specifically, his interesting work with the Odin system, which is a strut based deforming system. This is interesting from another point of view than the systems where modules rearrange themselves among each other. The deforming or transforming property, […]

Travelling in a Self-Reconfiguring World

As I wrote in “Rooms and living spaces in a SRCMR world” many things change when your living space becomes active and can do things for you.

One maybe unexpected change is how we perceive travel.

Self-reconfiguring modular robotics (SRCMR) will make travel transparent and almost unnoticeable. No more hassle, stress and wasted time and […]

Rooms and living spaces in a SRCMR world

One really amazing thing that SRCMR can do is to totally transform our houses and apartments. It will do so in two deceivingly simple ways. First, it allows you to move and change your inner walls and floor surfaces etc at will*

Secondly, it can create and change all your major furniture pieces like tables, […]

IROS and the Modular Robotics Workshop

It is time for IROS and the Modular Robotics Workshop again, and from the program it looks really interesting. I will naturally attend the workshop on Sunday and then I will attend some standards meetings on Monday (thanks Craig and Raj for letting me lurk and learn). I think that getting good, open international standards […]

The Flexibility Envelopes Spectacular Cubelets Competition

Update: We have the first Winner

So yoyu think the Cubelets from Modular Robotics looks coool and you would like to play?

But you diden’t get one of the 250 prototype kits, and now they are out of stock 🙁

That is where the flexibility Envelope comes to the rescue!

You can […]

Victor Kuo talks about how he is working on solving the cross talk problem when using radio communication between modules in SRCMR in the eighth episode of the Flexible Elements podacst!

Victo Kuo

In this episode we hear Victor Kuo talk about how he has developed radio communication that can handle many transmitters sending at the same time, which was a major obstacle to using radios for module to module communication. This will be a very powerful tool as it can handle the communication in […]

Hardware is Hard…that is why we do Self-reconfiguring modular robotics

In a post on called Hardware is Hard, Eric Schweikardt describes some of the problems he and the team had developing their Cubelets. (They have now shipped the first 100 kits, and one of them came to the Flexibility Envelope, check it out here: and here)

What Eric and the team are doing is […]