New Videos from Desmond Inovations

New Videos from Desmond Innovation

Neil Desmond from Desmond Innovation has published some great new videos showing his very interesting concept.

He starts of by showing that the unit, a cube, consists of 6 repeated sub-assemblies, one for each contact point to another unit.

Then, there is a walk-through of how the units connect in 3D and 2D  and move among each other in 2D mode. That is really interesting, because how the units move among each other is such a fundamental part of SRCMR that it is essential to understand this. It would have been nice to see how the ability to expand and contract the units would allow them to move within a lattice. That way it would have been easier to see how important the ability to expand and contract is. But I guess the number of units was one limiting factor, and doing a 3D demo would be really good, but also very difficult.

I think this kind of simple, early stage, real world test are important. There simply is no substitute for getting your hands dirty, to visualize, and make it concrete in a way that only having it physically in front of you can. I think it allows you to see problems and possibilities and  take the development step by step in a very good way.

The only thing I wonder is if a modified rhombic dodecahedron (MRD) would not have been a better basic shape than a cube, as it has many advantages. But that would be an easy fix and does not affect the overall concept. It would be very interesting to see a study on the importance and suitability of MRD in a system that can expand and contract. I also suspect that the basic core shape might be less significant when a system does not move by connecting faces and edges, but by connecting in a more flexible way.

It is going to be very interesting to follow the development of this concept.

Video 1, sub-assemblies, set-up and connection of three 3D units.

Video 2, setting up a number of 2D units and moving the units around:

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