New Interesting Atron Video from MRRL at USD

Ulrik Pagh Schultz, Mirko Bordignon, Kasper Støy have made another interesting video, showing some new developments.

One is that they have made the modules more robust, communication more fault tolerant, and the gripping mechanism more reliable. This is naturally very important, reliable and fault tolerant units and systems are absolutely necessary for SRCMR.

The other thing that I find significant in the video, is the  addition to the software development environment that allows you to reverse any self-reconfiguration process. I think that there are many significant software concepts that are going to be discovered in SRCMR.  This is because although the hardware development is very exciting and very visual, it would not be totally inappropriate to describe SRCMR as a software revolution. As a incredibly large part of SRCMR solution is going to be software.

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