Modular robots on the Gadget Show

The Gadget Show is a UK TV show for fun and interesting technical gadgets and in their latest episode they feature Modular Robots.

In it the reporter, Ortis Deley, travels to the US and visits both Carnegie Mellon and University of Pennsylvania.

First he visits Carnegie Mellon to see the latest progress in the research on robotic snakes, and gets closer then he might like when the robots actually climbs his leg. I find the different gates for snake robots very interesting and I posted about them a while ago, Link.

Then he goes on to visit University of Pennsylvania and their Modular Robotics Lab to see their research on Self Re-configuring Modular Robots, which is what my blog focuses on. To illustrate the really interesting possibility to self repair that Self Re-configuring Modular Robots have, he actually gets to brake the units apart by kicking them and see them reassemble them self back to the original configuration on their own.

I think that it is great to see modular robotics presented in this way, where the reporter goes to the leading researchers and gets first hand information.

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