Magic Stove – Applying the Convenience of Flexibility

It seems that I mostly do video posts lately, but I really like this video from the home appliance company Electrolux. It shows a very flexible cooking surface, kind of like a stove but better!

First, the user adds the ingredients for the meal they are preparing, then they decide what to do with each ingredient and create the appropriate surface by adjusting the size and depth. This is naturally convenient, as you can have many small or one large cooking surface and you can move stuff around so that nothing is in the way, and the stuff you work on is always close and convenient.

But there is also another thing that I noticed in the video. You can set the temperature not only to different levels of heat, which is normal, but you can also set it to be cold, to keep stuff fresh while you work on them. That’s flexibility along a new dimension.

The flexibility of SRCMR solutions naturally impacts physical things like size and shape, but also other dimensions like movement or color and in this case temperature. It is hard to see how something like this could easily be built without the flexibility of SRCMR.

So enjoy the video, and when I get a review copy from Electrolux (hint, hint 🙂 ),  I will invite everybody for a cooking session, or, which is more likely, a tear-down with take-out! Sorry Electrolux but I am a geek 🙂

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