Iros 2008 and PMM 2008 Report

Finally I have time to write a short note from Parallel Mechanisms and Manipulators 2008 (PMM) and IROS 2008.

I started off by attending the first day of PMM in lovely Montpellier, it was very interesting and I think that this kind of mechanisms will play a major role in SRCMR. They might even make up the units all by themselves using no center core. They are important because they allow complex motions from simple components, and that they mostly reuse the same components. I also would like to thank the organisers for arranging so that I could attend one day only.

The first day at IROS 2008 in Nice there was the workshop Self-Reconfigurable Robots, Systems and applications. It was really interesting, I had the opportunity to hear many great presentations, meet many of the leading researchers in the area and see many of the newest units. It was the best start I could have gotten and it has given me so many ideas for future posts. I really liked the format of the workshop, as it was very focused. I can highly recommend attending a similar workshop in the future. I am sure all attendees can join me when I thank the chairpersons Professor Kasper St√ły and Dr. Wei-Min Shen for their great work.

I also got to have a little bit of fun by handing out a few Flexibility Envelope t-shirts!

I can highly recommend attending IROS 2009 and do not miss the workshop, and I even dare to promise more t-shirts.

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