Guest Posts

The is happy to include guest posts focusing on any aspect within the scope of the blog
(Self-reconfiguring modular robotics, Utility Fog, Programmable matter, Self-organizing robotics).

The types of posts that are suitable are quite broad. They can be short or long, they can be illustrated
or not, and the topic can be on technical aspects, including hardware and software, but they can just
as well be focused on social or economical changes, new business opportunities or experiences researching in
this area. We would also love to publish fiction where technologies like this features in the plot.

If you would like to contribute, but are unsure whether your post is suitable, you are
welcome to send a short overview. Just a few lines or paragraphs should be enough,
and we can tell you if it is likely to fit the blog. (We reserve final judgement until we see the whole text.)

We pay industry rates for posts we publish, and make an effort to be a good partner when we negotiate
rights etc for our contributors.

Guest posts are not covered by the CC BY SA Licence that covers the rest of the posts on
Individual guest posts have separate licenses, please refer to the individual post for further information.

Anyone is free to send a contribution but I retain the right to choose what to publish.

Guest Posts: