Cool video that shows interesting steps towards a world where objects are flexible in a new way

I found this cool video from  TEDx Berlin where Fabian Hemmert shows his work with cellphones and handheld devices that change their physical properties, like size and center of gravity, to show different internal states to the user.

I also find his work on dynamic knobs really interesting. I think it is necessary to use dynamic hardware to make the communication with the user more intuitive and less intrusive.

This is an interesting sneak peak into a world where shape is not fixed but changes to adapt to a situation and to communicate with the user.

The world of tomorrow will be made up of the objects we are used to, I call them “old school”, and a new type of “virtual objects”. These virtual objects are real in the sense that you can touch them, but they are also not real in the sense that they are not permanently one specific object with one specific function. These objects are what they are because that is what they are told to be by the software controlling them, and that same software can change them into any thing at any time. It will be like living in a mix of our old world and something closer to second life.

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