Cool Concept Video

I found this, in internet terms rather old video, but I think it is a really cool illustration of how things can work in the future. I especially like the part (starting at 35 seconds) where he creates a phone when he needs one just by doing the dialing motion!

It will be interesting to see, how the fact that the user interface can be controlled by the software and the user can control the software, by physically changing the user interface, can be used to create more powerful applications that are easier to use.

It is easy to see that it will be possible to make totally new user interfaces. But it will also be possible to really improve the well known and widely used ones, by making them very configurable and adaptable. For instance it would be possible to change the size of  a normal keyboard to fit the size of your hand, add and remove keys or their captions.

And if you consider how much we already interact with computers, this will be a huge market.

However, the resolution needed requires a unit size that is more than likely quite a bit in the future.

You can find the original article and the home page of the designer Chris Woebken here.

One thing I noted on this projects page, is the same frustration with words that I frequently have when writing this blog. It is hard to know what to call these things. I call their creation a solution (to the problem of user interface hardware). And although nanotechnology will certainly play a huge role when we are approaching this unit size, what Woebken is doing is, in my opinion, SRCMR not nanotechnology. However using SRCMR as a name for this area is not optimal either, and we eventually need to agree upon a more suitable name.

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