“Robotics is ready for business”

Using the knowledge and contacts I get from working with my blog and the podcasts,
I consult on introducing autonomous robotic systems in companies and organisations

I match research and products with the needs of companies and organisations,
addressing the issues they face.

There are many exciting opportunities for autonomous robotics today. It is, however,
quite challenging to determine where the biggest challenges lie and what can be
practically achieved.

This process of analysing an organization and exploring the opportunities that could
be exploited in a practical way is what I specialise in.

This work takes many forms:
– A company or organization may want help exploring the use of autonomous robots in their operations.
– Academia and research may need assistance to commercialise their findings.
– Companies could seek help with introducing their products smoothly in new situations.

I do this on my own, or with a team I assemble from my network specific to the situation.

I also speak on, moderate and assists in the organization of events, workshops and debates.
For this I can also provide infrastructure for audio and video recording.

If you think any of this sounds interesting, please get in touch so that we can explore
what we can do together. per@flexibilityenvelope.com

For non-profit organisations, events and young startups my services will be free!

Examples previous work
I assisted the organizers of RoboBusiness Europe 2013 with moderation of the preparatory think tank,
and will moderate a session focusing on Robotics for emergency response and dangerous environments.
I will also assist them with media strategy, scheduling and organization as well as providing
recording infrastructure.