Running the Mobot remotely

Recently I did something really cool!

A screen capture of me runing the Mobot over G+

I operated Barbo INC’s Mobot remotely over the Internet! The prototype UI was simple but it worked great.

I have always thought that beeing able to operate modular robots remotely would be a great thing (especially the Self […]

Today, an investment of $3 million in Modular Robotics LLC was announced by Brad Feld of The Foundry Group and Bullet Time Ventures

The Cubelets

I think that it is great that venture capitalists are appearing more in the robotics field and even more cool that they dare to venture into modular robotics where the direct application is hard to see.

It is, I would say, rather hard to explain what can be done with a (self-reconfiguring) […]

The Mobot is coming to Hope Number Nine


I am bringing three Mobot modules from Barobo to Hope Number Nine, from 13th to 15th of July at Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC, thanks Graham for lending them.

So either swing by my presentation, comment below or tweet me @Perblog, if you want to see them!


I am proud to announce that I am speaking at Hope Number Nine in New York City

My talk is on the Friday July 13, at 22:00 in the Nutt room on the 18th floor of Hotel Pennsylvania

This is what EFF has to say about HOPE Number Nine:

“Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE), one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world. HOPE Number Nine will be taking […]

Cubelets and Inquiry Based Learning by Stepan Pruchnicky, The first FE Contest Winner Post

This is a guest post

Update: Check out Stepan second post with his and the students Cubelets experiences Students love the Cubelets

Elementary school learning is a messy thing. It’s loud and it involves a lot of hands-on, exploratory, cooperative learning. Kids like building, taking apart and re-building. In my grade five class, I have […]

CFP RAS Special Issue on Reconfigurable Modular Robotics

The Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems invites papers for a special issue on reconfigurable modular robotics.

Modularity and reconfiguration are key concepts that enable nature as well as engineers to construct large systems reliably and economically. A modular design allows a wide range of robots to be assembled from a basic set of modules. […]

Book review: Self-reconfigurable Robots — An Introduction [Stoy, Brandt and Christensen] by Anders Lyhne Christensen

This is a guest post

Self-Reconfigurable Robots – an Introduction by Kasper Stoy, David Brandt and David J. Christensen

Research on self-reconfigurable robots started in the late 1980s when the idea of cellular robots emerged. The vision was to develop a system of autonomous cells that could jointly form different shapes to accomplish tasks. […]

We have the first winner in the Flexibility Envelope Cubelets Competition!

I am proud to announce the first winner in the “Flexibility Envelope’s Spectacular Cubelets Competition”,

Stepan from Canada and his students are getting some free tinkering time with the Cubelets!

The Cubelets

You can get it too, check out the The Flexibility Envelopes Spectacular Cubelets Competition and enter to win your own tinkering time […]

Barobo launches the Mobot – a low cost modular robot

Mobot by








Soon you can get your hands on the Mobot modular robot for a very reasonable $270 a module (pre-orders available now). A number of connection plates and attachments will also be available, and I guess you can 3D print your own stuff.

Mobot […]

Interview with Prof. Ramamoorthy about free agents and transfer learning in control of SRCMR in the tenth episode of the Flexible Elements podcast.

Prof. Subramanian Ramamoorthy

In this episode I talk to Prof. Subramanian Ramamoorthy. He tells us how he got started in robotics and how he first saw the strengths of the modular concept. He saw this in National Instruments’ use of modularity for building electronic testing instruments that fit a specific situation rather than being […]