UberBlox on Kickstarter!


An interesting building kit called Uberblox has just launched on Kickstarter. Act quickly to snap up the early bird rewards.

A video introduction:

The Kickstarter video:



Meet the Modbot!

More modules for more fun, this video introduces Modbot to the world.

Modbot is an Australian startup that is developing a modular robotics arm.

They are presenting at TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield 2014 during CES 2014 in Las Vegas. Check it out live at 3 PM PST 8th Jan.

And stay tuned to the blog for […]

News Flash

Breaking News!

Modbots video and stage presentation added.



Modbot Goes LIVE at TechCrunch 3PM PST 8th Jan

UPDATE: Folow the live presentation 3 PM PST at http://tcrn.ch/1a12cNI

UPDATE: New Video introducing Modbot

Check out http://modbot.com/blog/

Modular robotics news coming soon.

Travelling in a Pure Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robotics System

This post focuses on travel slightly further in the future than the mixed SRCMR/old school system I write about in “Travelling in a Self-Reconfiguring World”. Below I will describe how we will travel in a system built entirely with modules.

The flexibility of SRCMR will drastically change the way we travel. It will make travel […]

Radio Statler interview

This is my interview for radio Statler on Self-reconfiguring modular robot from Hope number 9 in New York July 2012.

My interview on Self-reconfiguring modular robot in Radio Statler at Hope number 9, July 2012

If you have the opportunity to visit the next hope in 2014 do not miss it. It is great! I […]

Students love the Cubelets

This is a guest post

In Canadian schools, June is a month that requires some of the most creative teaching.

Picture this: Summer hits. The sun is out. The weather is hot. Minds start to wander into dream lands of summer vacations. Thoughts of sleeping in, swimming and playing video games replace math, language and […]

Running the Mobot remotely

Recently I did something really cool!

A screen capture of me runing the Mobot over G+

I operated Barbo INC’s Mobot remotely over the Internet! The prototype UI was simple but it worked great.

I have always thought that beeing able to operate modular robots remotely would be a great thing (especially the Self […]

Today, an investment of $3 million in Modular Robotics LLC was announced by Brad Feld of The Foundry Group and Bullet Time Ventures

The Cubelets

I think that it is great that venture capitalists are appearing more in the robotics field and even more cool that they dare to venture into modular robotics where the direct application is hard to see.

It is, I would say, rather hard to explain what can be done with a (self-reconfiguring) […]

The Mobot is coming to Hope Number Nine


I am bringing three Mobot modules from Barobo to Hope Number Nine, from 13th to 15th of July at Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC, thanks Graham for lending them.

So either swing by my presentation, comment below or tweet me @Perblog, if you want to see them!


I am proud to announce that I am speaking at Hope Number Nine in New York City

My talk is on the Friday July 13, at 22:00 in the Nutt room on the 18th floor of Hotel Pennsylvania

This is what EFF has to say about HOPE Number Nine:

“Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE), one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world. HOPE Number Nine will be taking […]