Self Reconfiguring Modular Robotics Essentials”

This post defines three fundamental properties of Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robotics, SRCMR and then summarizes and elaborates on some consequences of them.

Fundamental properties

It is fundamental to SRCMR solutions to:

Divide a task among many units that handle the task jointly

This may seem simple and […]


In writing this blog I use some words I have made up all by myself! I do that to summarise concepts and to make it easier to read and write. But I think it is best if I explain myself a bit. Especially since the confusion in the terminology in this area is significant, and […]


In speaking about different groups of units, I have found it convenient to use the concept of a Set. I try to explain the different types of sets below.

Available User Set (AVS): Units available to one user, if the solutions and features currently using these units can be unimplemented, hence freeing them for use […]

Why the Flexibility Envelope?”>useful

I think it is appropriate to devote an early post to what I named my blog after.

I got it from the Flight Envelope, which is a term used in aircraft development to illustrate how the aircraft can be flown with respect to air speed and altitude.

I use it to devide the world into […]