Andreas Lyder talk about his work in SRCMR Specifically the Odin and Thor systems in the ninth episode of the Flexible Elements podcast.

Andreas Lyder

Andreas Lyder

In this episode we hear Andreas Lyder talk about his work in
Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robotics. Specifically, his interesting
work with the Odin system, which is a strut based deforming system.
This is interesting from another point of view than the systems where
modules rearrange themselves among each other. The deforming or
transforming property, while in a fixed configuration, will be
tremendously interesting in Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robotics
systems in the future as it can provide fast, high resolution
actuation when the scope of the change is not too large. The
rearranging of modules and the changing of their properties will both
play an integral part in any future system. Lyder also talks about his
recent work with a new system, called Thor, that consists of units
that each have a different function, like for example engines and
angular actuators. To get the robot system you need, you assemble the
appropriate modules and program the new robot to do what you need.


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Manipulatable Structures
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